Ninjutsu Techniques

Learn the ins and outs of ninjutsu techniques with our guide. Learn taijutsu(unarmed combat), bojutsu(stick fighting), kenjutsu(sword fighting), kusarigamajutsu(chain fighting), shurikenjutsu(shuriken and blade throwing) and other ninjutsu skills.

Learn to use swords, knives, staffs, chains, shurikens, and other deadly ninjutsu weapons to their full potential.

Learn the ninjutsu techniques of unarmed combat(taijutsu), don't be defenseless ever again. Take your kamae to the next level.

Learn the art of on shin jutsu(ninjutsu stealth) and the numerous ways to disguise yourself, even in the modern world.

Learn the conditioning excersizes to stretch and strengthen muscles to be in the top physical condition for the other ninjutsu moves.


Learning ninjutsu doesn't have to be hard. In this ninjitsu manual we've compiled the step by step instructions for all the moves that you'll ever need, from unarmed combat to fighting with a sword or a staff, to throwing knives and shurikens. Think of our book as your cliffnotes to the art of ninjutsu and a way to learn ninjutsu online.


Since this is the cliffnotes, we didn't waste 200 pages talking about ninjutsu history and tradition or the ninjutsu philosophy. It's just not that important for a book like this. The only thing that matters are the ninjutsu moves and learning how to perform them correctly, because a ninjutsu fight should never last long, which you probably know if you've seen a ninjustu demonstration.


This makes Ninjitsu Techniques, the perfect book for those who are interested in learning how to do ninjutsu and those who are just starting out, since you can see all the moves you'll ever need in a simple format, with step by step information on how to perform the moves and how to use all the different ninjutsu weapons. For those who are already doing ninjutsu training, you can still use this book as a quick reminder of all the moves, from ninjutsu basics to advanced moves.


We also recommend that you get your hands on the right ninjutsu gear. To start off, get yourself a uniform and a wooden training sword. They don't cost much, and there is less chance of you hurting yourself or someone else while you train. Once you learn the skills, then you can go and spend the money on a proper real ninjutsu sword and other ninjutsu equipment.


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